“Access to sex workers”

You have got to be kidding.

A dangerous sex offender has been granted freedom from a West Australian prison and will be able to visit sex workers in a bid to reduce his risk of reoffending.

Edward William Latimer, 61, has a criminal record dating back to his teenage years and has spent most of his adult life in prison for offences including sexual assaults and wilful exposure.

So let’s make women his safety valve. What could go wrong?

WA supreme court justice Anthony Derrick said in his decision handed down on Tuesday that while Latimer remained a serious danger to the community, the risk could be managed in the community.

“There are adequate safeguards contained in the supervision order conditions to ensure that if the respondent begins to regress this will be quickly noticed by those responsible for his supervision and … he will [be] brought back before the court,” he said.

“Access to sex workers will not of itself resolve the issue of the respondent’s ability to manage his sexual urges … [but] the option for the respondent to engage in regular, albeit infrequent, sexual contact should serve as an additional protective factor.”

Or he could get a doll or a pound of raw liver or a hole in the ground. Women are not objects that dangerous sex offenders need access to to keep from exploding. Women are not a public utility.

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