Activism being active

Lindsay Shepherd tweeted a video clip of Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv in the act of planning a new way to harass minority women in service jobs.

What Yaniv says in the clip:

I was just at the Pacific Center, Mall, and I went to New York Fries, and this is going to be on my next human rights complaint, but I asked for some fries, and they literally said
“Not for you, sir, you’re, uh, you’re trans gender” – they put it like that.

Notice the stumble at “you’re” – is that a tell that he’s making it up? Did he stumble because he forgot what he’d planned to make “them” say?

Shepherd’s commentary:

I just called the manager of New York Fries to see if this was true. It’s not. The manager witnessed this interaction. All that happened was that Yaniv approached (surprise, surprise) a female Indian cashier, ordered & then left quickly, & Yaniv’s mom came & yelled at them

Yaniv already filed a complaint with New York Fries head office. Manager said his staff doesn’t even really know the word “transgender” so they wouldn’t have said that, and that working in downtown Vancouver they are accustomed to serving transgender and disabled people

When are Yaniv and his mama going to be arrested for harassment and making false allegations?

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