An actual thing

Ok let’s talk about that.

What does it mean to say “transgenderism is an actual thing”?

It’s an actual thing in the sense that people talk about it a lot, but that’s not what Benn means, because he contrasts it with “transethnicism” which as far as we know, according to him, is not an actual thing.

So what does he mean? Presumably something like “an actual condition, not just a fashion or fad or subject of conversation.” But then how does he know it really is an actual condition, not just a fashion or fad or subject of conversation? Is his knowledge derived from the noisy shouting about it on Twitter? But that can’t be a good reason. Twitter shouting can’t be the criterion for distinguishing between an actual condition (physical? psychological?) and a fad.

And what part of transgenderism is the actual thing? Is it the feelings in the head, or is it the presentation of self? Is it dysphoria or is it a frilly little dress and red silk shoes?

And what makes that an actual thing while ruling out “transethnicism” as an actual thing? How can we know that?

I keep wondering where people get their confident knowledge on this subject when it’s all so…conceptual.

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