An easy way to save time & words

Oh, Donnie, so touchy (and yet so quick with the insults), and so helpless to respond cogently.

No, you didn’t. Come on now. You, save time and words? You love nothing better than talking on and on and on and on with no one getting a word in. That explosion in a word salad factory at CPAC the other week? You went on for more than two hours. You’re a world-class blabbermouth, you’re the bore in the adjacent airplane seat or barstool or chair at the corporation dinner, you’re the guy people run from because they don’t want to get stuck listening to you.

Also “of Apple” doesn’t take all that long to say, and you didn’t actually want to say it anyway, because you sort of get that the adults in the room already know who is from where. It would be weird for you to address everyone as Name Name of Corporation every time you said his (it’s pretty much always his) name. In short, that’s not a thing, and you know it.

You looked dumb, and the news media reported it. This tweet doesn’t make you look clever.

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