An event by a known TERF

Another rage-attack because Meghan Murphy is going to say things in a room rented from the Toronto Public Library:

Hey @torontolibrary, given that you’re a place deeply invested in education and learning, why are you hosting an event by a known TERF? Twitter banned Meghan Murphy for being transphobic. Why give her a platform?


Yes how dare a feminist woman ask questions about what “gender identity” means for women. It’s not as if women have any stake in the subject after all.

But never mind all that, just tell lies.

I would also like to know why my hometown library system is allowing someone who thinks someone like me doesn’t deserve to participate in society to use their facility. Megan Murphy is hateful and the furthest thing from a feminist you’ll ever find.

Meghan Murphy thinks no such thing. She thinks men are men; that does not remotely equal thinking men who claim to be women “don’t deserve to participate in society.”

The fact that “activists” like “Tracey” here have to resort to grotesque lies to back up their demands that everyone shun Meghan Murphy and make it impossible for her to speak in public is a massive hint that they don’t have anything else. Meghan Murphy thinks men are men; wow, what a shocker.

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