Another nosegay for his crush

Trump is doing his best to plant a big wet one on Putin’s bum.

President Donald Trump is seriously considering a plan to block $250 million in military assistance to Ukraine, a move that would further ingratiate him with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and has directed senior officials to review the aid package.

To be fair he also wanted to slash foreign aid in general and was stymied in that effort.

If Trump ultimately decides to block the aid package, a possibility¬†first reported by Politico, it would likely prompt a bipartisan uproar from members of Congress who believe US military support is essential to countering Russia’s military involvement in Ukraine.

Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, voiced his strong opposition to that idea in a tweet Thursday: “This is unacceptable. It was wrong when Obama failed to stand up to Putin in Ukraine, and it’s wrong now.”

Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez released a statement accusing the administration of circumventing Congress and “undermining a key policy priority that has broad and deep bipartisan support.”

Nobody knows what Trump is going to do, which is unsurprising given that he doesn’t know himself.

A US Department of State official told CNN on Thursday that the policy on Ukraine has not changed, adding the US remains committed to a robust partnership between the two countries.

The State Department – ha – as if Trump ever paid any attention to them. They might as well be the Parks Department of a small Wyoming town.

But Trump’s public deference to Putin and Russia has alarmed US allies and lawmakers. The issue has only been amplified by Trump’s recent comments at the G7 summit, in which he seemingly downplayed Russia’s military incursion in Ukraine and suggested that Russia be reinstated into the group of leading global economies.

He just wants a friend. Everybody should have a friend.

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