What a mess we create when we conflate sex and gender

Girls’ schools will probably go the way of the coral reefs.

Girls schools would have to admit transgender pupils under proposals being considered by the equalities watchdog.

The confidential Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) draft guidance, leaked to The Telegraph, reveals that schools could be set to consider admissions of trans students to single-sex schools on a “case-by-case approach”.

There were supposed to be guidelines by 2018 but the process has bogged down. Quel surprise.

The Telegraph however has a draft and is sharing from that.

It says that: “A refusal to admit a trans pupil to a single-sex school which is the same as the trans pupil’s sex recorded at birth would be direct sex discrimination. Admitting such a pupil will not affect the school’s single-sex status.

“A pupil who has transitioned, or wants to, must be allowed to continue to attend the school; to remove them would amount to direct gender reassignment discrimination.”

So you put sex discrimination and gender reassignment discrimination together and you get…girls lose?

The document also says: “An admission policy of only admitting pupils in accordance with their sex recorded at birth would particularly disadvantage trans pupils, and would be indirectly discriminatory against trans pupils, unless it could be demonstrated to be a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim.”

Would it though? That seems to be true only if you buy the full ideological package, and if you assume that children have infallible knowledge about their “gender identity” and how it can be opposed to their sex. If instead you simply say that girls don’t have to conform to gender conventions to attend your school, then you can continue admitting girls who are girls without discriminating against “trans pupils.”

On the controversial area of sex categories in sports, the leaked EHRC document encourages schools to “consider ways of enabling all pupils to participate in sports, including competitive events that align with their gender identity.”

Meaning, girls’ schools have to admit boys and let them compete against the girls?

The leaked document has prompted controversy among the feminist academic and women’s rights campaigners, with critics claiming that it will have controversial implications for single-sex schools and “shows what a mess we create when we conflate sex and gender”.

Meanwhile trans rights and childrens charities say it is paramount that transgender children can “ live their life freely” and that all schools take steps to create “inclusive environments” for vulnerable students.

Well children are not generally able to “live their lives freely” in every sense, because they’re children. I chafed against this endlessly as a child, because I wanted to wander off by myself and there were limits on how far I was allowed to go. This idea of “living their lives freely” as the sex they are not is a very adult one and a very disruptive one. Let them pretend and fantasize freely, by all means, but put every fantasy into literal practice, no. We don’t give children real guns or real swords or real cars; we let them pretend.

Kathleen Stock, professor of philosophy at the University of Sussex, said that educational guidance should not be based on a “usually transitory feeling”.

She said: “We have to remember that literally the only criterion of telling who is a trans child and who isn’t is that they say so. It’s based on a feeling.

“Moreover it’s a feeling that we know most will grow out of. Assuming that there are good reasons to retain single sex provision in certain schools, it’s incomprehensible that these reasons should be overidden in favour of a usually transitory feeling.”

Mermaids, on the other hand, talked the usual bullshit.

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