Another one?

The SPLC has booted Morris Dees.

The center, which is based in Montgomery, gave no clear indication as to why it had let Mr. Dees go, but the president of the group, Richard Cohen, said in a statement that “a comprehensive assessment of our internal climate and workplace practices” was imminent, suggesting the dismissal was tied to conflict among the staff.

On Thursday, the same day the S.P.L.C. announced that Mr. Dees had been fired, employees sent a letter to the center’s leaders citing claims of mistreatment of staff, sexual harassment, gender discrimination and racism.

So that sounds as if the two were coordinated, with the letter being documentation of the reasons.

The letter, cited in the Los Angeles Times, said it was prompted by the departure this month of a respected African-American employee whose “worrisome parting words, hardly belies her frustration and disappointment.”

That’s unclear.

The letter starts with a sober warning: “S.P.L.C.’s integrity is on the line.” It demands that management, “create a work environment untainted by instances, allegations, and fears of sexual harassment, assault, and racial and gender discrimination.”

That on the other hand is quite clear.

It remains to be seen exactly why Mr. Dees was fired after such a long career. One thing is clear: It will be hard for the group to continue carrying out its mission of identifying and rooting out extremists while its own staff is up in arms over allegations of injustice.

It will, yes.

H/t Dave Ricks

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