Be best

Trump is reading his speech later today, and he’s invited a kid to come along to the show.

An 11-year-old boy who says he’s been bullied because of his last name — Trump — will be one of President Trump and first lady Melania Trump’s guests at the State of the Union on Tuesday, the White House announced.

Joshua Trump, a sixth-grade student from Wilmington, Del., who is not related to the president, drew headlines last year after his parents went public to share stories of the abuse they said he had suffered because of his last name.

Melania Trump has made combating bullying one of her main priorities in the White House — the thrust of her “Be Best” initiative.

Yes well that’s all very sweet but Trump is the worst and by far the most visible bully in US public life today. He’s the guy who brags about grabbing women by the pussy, he’s the guy who as president calls people insulting names on Twitter day in and day out, he’s the guy who punched his kid to the floor in front of his friends, he’s the guy who oversaw a deliberate policy to traumatize children on the southern border. The fact that he’s a bully is perhaps the most salient and disgusting fact about him.

And notice the reason for inviting this particular kid – not that he was bullied but that he was bullied because his last name is Trump. It’s just more ego. It’s not about the bullying, it’s about the ego.

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