No thanks, we have one already

Jim Wright nails the Mister Coffee thing.

Everything I’ve seen from this guy, every word he’s spoken, every interview he’s given, every poll he’s bought, every article he paid someone to write, everything over the last few days tells me just how utterly horrible he’d be as President.

And we already have someone utterly horrible as president. We don’t need more of that.

Look at this. Look at what Schultz tweeted this morning.

Lots of opinions this week. Here’s another: ‘They’re trying to bully Mr. Schultz out of running, but along the way they’re making the case for why he should.’


He thinks he’s being bullied.

He thinks he’s a victim. Of bullying. This guy.

He’s quoting the conservative press, who thinks he’s being bullied.


Howard Schultz, billionaire straight white guy running for president – the very epitome of power and privilege in America – thinks he’s the victim.

He thinks he is being bullied because the press asked him some questions.

And, again, we already have someone who reacts that way to normal questions and criticism. We don’t need another one.

Great. Another rich white straight male martyr, just what America needs.

These sons of bitches should be bullied. Maybe they’d understand what it actually means. How it actually feels. The damage that it actually does. The lives it destroys.

Listen to me: bullying is what happens when those who have power use that power to brutalize those who do not.

Trump and Mister Coffee have power because they have money and Rampant Ego. They are the bullies around here.

I, I, I, I, that’s all these guys ever talk about. I. Me. Because that’s all they ever think about. Themselves. You don’t get to be Donald Trump, you don’t get be Howard Schultz, without first being a self-centered self-involved self-aggrandizing prick. If you do anything for anybody else, it’s only because there’s something in it for you.

And…[whining a little]…we already have one of those.

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