Midway between b and b

Mister Starbucks shyly confesses his plans.

In other words he’s hoping to throw another election to the orange criminal by running as a third party-er. So that right there is reason enough to tell him to fuck off.

But also…a centrist independent? Wtf? Center between what and what? Lunatic conservatives and reasonable conservatives? So, what, he’ll be a little bit wack but not as wack as Trump? Gee, that’s alluring.

We don’t need any new “centrists” because we’re already stuck between two conservative parties. People scream in horror about the extremism of Alexandra Ocasio Cortez because she thinks we should have universal Medicare aka a national health service, while all the other developed nations have had universal health insurance for decades. There is no left in electoral politics in the US, there is only right and far right.

Plus, what the hell does Howard Schultz know about being president? No more than Trump did and does. We don’t need more of that. Go away.

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