Bring plenty of stones

Oh goody, a town hall. A Two Spirit, Dyke, Queer & Trans Community Town Hall, Hosted by Coalition Against Trans Antagonism and Vancouver Dyke March.

Vancouver Dyke March is the one that doesn’t like lesbians. It has a video about trans inclusion.

I feel like the word “dyke” is so inclusive of so many different idenninies.

That’s at 22 seconds in and I’m not watching any more because that’s plenty stupid enough. The word “dyke” is inclusive of lesbian identities; why does it have to be inclusive of “so many” other ones? Why can’t it just name what it names? Why do words have to be inclusive at all? The more inclusive they are the less they tell us, and words are supposed to be tools for telling us things.

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Coalition Against Trans Antagonism & the Vancouver Dyke March are teaming up to hold an important community discussion. Join us to debrief, reflect on, and strategize with regards to last year’s and this year’s Vancouver Dyke March and the TERF/SWERF fascist violence and oppression.

Yes that’s what dyke marches should be all about: demonizing other dykes and accusing them of fascist violence and oppression.

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Safer Space Information:
This event is a safer space event. We insist attendees conduct themselves within decolonial and intersectional frameworks. TERFs, SWERFs and any other forms of fascists and supremacists are not welcome. All attendees will be vetted at the door.

In other words feminists who think men are not women and feminists who think the sex trade exploits and abuses women are not welcome at this oh so intersectional meeting.

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