Critics say that Pink News is out to lunch

Ah, Pink News.

Shock horror!

Wait. Is it? Is it bad to present being transgender as something that children should be encouraged out of? At least when the issue is “being transgender” in the sense of getting medical interventions,  hormone blockers or surgery or both? Should children be encouraged to make irreversible changes to their bodies on the grounds that they “feel” like the other sex? Should children be encouraged to do that in this climate in which “being transgender” has become a craze like sitting on flag poles or accusing daycare workers of Satanic ritual abuse?

What about children who are not encouraged out of it, and get those irreversible changes, and then in five or ten years realize that they’re not transgender after all? What if their sex lives and love lives are permanently limited because of irreversible physical changes they made when they were 8 or 12 or 15? What if it turns out that that cohort has a much higher suicide rate than trans people have ever had?

It’s as if there were a huge evil corporation, The Acme Trans Your Kid corporation, busy PRing everyone into jumping on the bandwagon…except that then the left wouldn’t be cheering it on.

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