Dignity in all things

Remember, kids, the thing to do about criticism is to stage a huge tantrum and exact whatever kind of revenge you can come up with. That always works.

The U.K. is trying to prevent a row with Donald Trump from escalating after the president froze out the British ambassador in Washington over leaked diplomatic memos.

The row follows the publication of diplomatic cables in the Mail on Sunday newspaper in which the ambassador called the U.S. president “inept” and “incompetent.” That prompted the White House to cancel an invitation on Monday for Darroch to attend a dinner with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and the emir of Qatar, according to a U.S. official.

Yes!! Brilliant!!! So dignified and mature. Much better than simply rising above the whole thing as if it had never happened.

A U.K. statement said Britain had made clear to the Trump administration that what it called “selective leaks” didn’t reflect the “esteem” it had for its relationship with the U.S. At the same time, the government said, “we have also underlined the importance of ambassadors being able to provide honest, unvarnished assessments of the politics in their country.”

Fine, fine, but then Trump will never have them over for hamburrgerrs and ice cream ever again and they’ll be sorry so ha!

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