Free to be a football star

Katie Herzog at The Stranger says Women’s Soccer is a Very Dykey Sport:

There’s a couple of major differences between women’s soccer and men’s soccer. One: The U.S. women are good at it. Two, women’s soccer is a hell of a lot gayer.

Yesterday, “content producer” Alex Binley from ITV News published an article about why, exactly, so many dykes excel at this sport.

Binley says it’s because there’s so much homophobia in the male version.

It’s hard to argue with that. Outside of the U.S., Canada, and a few other countries, soccer is both the most popular and the butchest sport on the block. Games tend to hyper-masculine environments, which are not exactly the most welcoming of men who don’t fit contemporary gender stereotypes.

While women who don’t fit contemporary gender stereotypes are freed up to play great football.

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