Future generations yadda yadda

We can watch him saying the unbelievably stupid and ignorant things.

At .40 Morgan asks what Choss said to him about climate change. There’s a pause while Trump struggles to engage his brain, and then he manages to think of the word “future.” Ah yes, that will help – future. It’s about the future. “What he really wants,” Don says ponderously, “and what he really feels warmly about, is…the future.” Pause for deep thought about this stunning insight. Choss isn’t warm about what climate change did to the Carthaginians, he’s warm about the future. New idea for our boy; he hadn’t thought of it in that light before.

Then some more deep thinking to come up with the magisterial summary that “What he wants” – hands doing the accordion gesture energetically – “is to make sure that future generations have climate that is good climate as opposed to…a disaster.” The accordion hands approach each other on this solemn thought.

“Good climate.” He doesn’t of course mean good climate as in stable climate that won’t produce huge changes in everything we and all other living creatures depend on for survival, because hunnhhhhhhh?? He means a nice day to play golf, for future generations.

How Piers Morgan managed to sit there and not scream “Are you serious??” in his face is beyond me. I know they’re buddies, I know they go way back, but just the same. (I wonder how Choss felt, trying to talk to that brick wall of stupid. Choss isn’t a genius himself, but compared to Trump he’s fucking Heisenberg.)

Morgan does at least cut him off when he starts babbling about crystal clear water – though he doesn’t, sadly, interrupt to remind him that he repealed several clean water regulations about five seconds after his inauguration. No, Morgan interrupts him to ask if he accepts that almost every scientists that looks into it thinks climate change is a real and present danger and that if we don’t tackle it now along with Chiner and India we’re gonna be in serious trouble, do you accept that.

Trump grabs it and runs – “You said it yourself – China, India, Russia.” Yes? What about them? We’re going to work with them?

No. “They have not very good air, not very good water, in the sense of pollution and cleanliness.”

He still has no idea what they’re talking about! Even though Morgan just spelled it out for him very clearly. I’ve never seen anything like it. He simply can’t take in new information. We knew this of course, but this is an opportunity to watch him failing to understand what is said to him before our disbelieving eyes.

It’s terrifying.

Then he confidently tells Morgan that climate change is now called “extreme weather,” and then he babbles about tornadoes. There were a lot of them in the 1890s, didja know that?

At the end we get his philosophy of life. Priss Choss doesn’t have to care about future generations…but he does because he’s a good person. It’s an extra, caring about future generations. Trump pretends to be impressed that Choss does, as a “very good person” – but really he thinks it’s just crankish. Future generations! Dude! Nobody has to care about them. You bring them with you on trips so they can impress the world with how nicely they clean up, but other than that…who cares.

Pass the bottled water.

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