Who wouldn’t?

Din-dins at the pally was the first time Donald “The Pig” Trump and Kate Middleton met, but he had a history. What kind of history? The usual kind, of course: his history of insulting her on Twitter.

Back in 2012, French magazine Closer published photos of Middleton sunbathing topless.

That is, she and William were staying at a private house owned by relatives, and a photographer took stealth photos of her, which is an absolute shit thing to do. She wasn’t walking down Oxford Street with her tits out.

But Trump saw fit to scold her on Twitter – Trump, the guy who brags about grabbing women by the pussy, and does in fact grab women by the pussy. Trump who called his daughter “a piece of ass” on Howard Stern’s radio talk show.

Who wouldn’t spy on a woman in order to photograph her naked in order to sell the photos for big bucks? Everyone who isn’t a sleazy prurient misogynist shit, that’s who. Maybe Kate Middleton shouldn’t get naked to take a shower, either, because who knows, maybe somebody with a telephoto lens can get a shot through the window.

They sued, by the way, and the magazine lost and had to pay a settlement. Trump’s legal theory is bullshit.

I’d love to think she spat in his eye at the din-din, but I don’t suppose she could.

Funny how it’s the women he goes after, isn’t it.

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