Go ahead and point

Oy, another “someone said it therefore it’s true and you’re wrong to question it” from a philosopher. Yes, that one, of course.

It’s McKinnon by the way, he’s moved to a new account blah blah who cares.

The fact that the International Olympic Committee said it doesn’t make it true. The NRA says it’s a sacred right to have an unlimited number of guns of unlimited fire power, but that doesn’t make it true. People say things, organizations say things; the saying doesn’t magically make the said things true.

McKinnon himself would be the first to agree when it’s feminist women who don’t believe men can become women saying something. When women say we have a right to safety from men in locker rooms and similar places McKinnon doesn’t agree at all. When female athletes say they have a right to compete against other female people rather than male people McKinnon writes columns in the New York Times saying how wrong they are.

Also, as I’ve said before: the issue isn’t whether or not sport is a human right but whether male people competing against female people is a human right. Surely a philosopher ought to be able to keep that straight.

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