Guest post: Insane, cult-like, and authoritarian

Derrick Jensen posted this on Facebook and told us to share widely. I’m making it a guest post for ease of reading.

i just got deplatformed here in Crescent City. the left is insane, cult-like, and authoritarian.

i was asked to do a talk as part of the climate strike. i said yes.

i was volunteering my time.

today i got a note from the “Del Norte Climate Justice Alliance” disinviting me.

here is their note.

Dear Derrick and Heather,

We are cancelling your talk this week for the Week For Future Generations. We would like to be transparent about the reason, the room that you would be using is a room used by students of color, trans, and queer students. This is a community gathering and meeting space that is all inclusive. There was new information brought to our attention that might jeopardize the space, values and standard we have created in this inclusive space.


i responded

this is appalling.

we can’t talk about the murder of the planet?

Congratulations for continuing to destroy free speech in this country.

you should be ashamed of yourselves.

leftists like Mario Savio who once stood for free speech would certainly be ashamed of you.

and don’t rope ‘people of color’ into your excuse. i’ve written extensively about racism.

yes, i disagree with queer theory and transgender ideology because i stand in support of women.

i can provide cogent critiques of both. i would be delighted to debate you or the person of your choice on those issues.

but of course you won’t agree to that, because deep in your gut you know your positions are indefensible. This is a primary reason queer theorists and transactivists _must_ deplatform anyone who disagrees with them, anyone who participates in any form of wrongthink, which big brother says is double-plus-ungood.

have you even read any of my work?

of course not.

Can you point to any place in any of my books where I even mention those issues?

of course not.

you are deplatforming someone whose books you haven’t read, whose books don’t even mention the issues over which you are deplatforming me, who was not going to speak about the issues over which you are deplatforming me.

yes, your position really is that absurd.

you should be utterly ashamed of yourselves.

it might not be a bad idea to remove the name ‘justice’ out of your ‘justice alliance,’ and ‘inclusive’ from your description below, because your use of those words are Orwellian.

Welcome to 1984.


i then received this note back from the person who first invited me.

I’m replying to you personally.

Yes, we can talk about the murder of the planet. And that’s exactly why we reached out to you. But we cannot risk you diving into your ideologies, the ones steeped in hate of an “other” while you are presenting. I hope you can respect this. We have a transgender teen doing coverage of the event, and I couldn’t imagine him feeling attacked by your views.

You’re right. There are probably many things we don’t agree on. And most of the time I am okay with that…but not when you are given a public platform from which to speak on whatever you want.

This is not about deplatforming you. This is about protecting trans people and making sure any risk of folks feeling threatened is not part of our work.

Climate Justice work is about much more than environmental justice…you know that.


The left is completely fucking insane. please broadcast widely. This sort of outrageous behavior needs be recognized for what it is.

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