Denying him competition

McKinnon again, shouting about his human right to compete against women.

Dysphoria Joe introduces him:

“Rachel” McKinnon says he has “human right” to race women because, well, he can’t win against men:


He’s quoting himself, probably because no one else would say something so stupid.

“Who the fuck am I going to race? There’s no other trans woman on my level. By creating a trans only category you’re denying me competition. If sport is a human right then you’re actively excluding me from that right.”

I don’t know why he keeps recycling that claim when it’s so OBVIOUSLY shifty. A right to sport is not a right to formal competition with prizes. The whole point of competitions is that they filter out most aspirants. There’s no “right” to play with Manchester United or the Yankees and there’s no “right” to compete in the Olympics. MacKinnon has the right to cycle his ass off, and to compete with people who want to compete with him, but he has no right to compete against women in official women’s races that are supposed to be for women. If he can’t find anyone else to compete with that’s just too bad – he can still train and cycle and get better and better: that’s his “right to sport.” Nobody is excluding him from that right but he wants to exclude women from competing in women’s races by displacing them.

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