Guest post: Anti-boundaries activism

Guest post by Josh Slocum

Guaranteed method to attract abusers:

1. Lower your boundaries—and make a big deal out of talking about lowering your boundaries.

2. Characterize lowering your boundaries as “being inclusive.” This signals to predators that you are already brainwashed. They now know that you believe discernment and boundaries are bad things, things that oppress other people.

They can see that you derive your sense of being a good person from your self sacrifice. They like this, because it means that you will work hard to give up things that rightly belong to you, and that you won’t reserve any space for yourself.

They realize they can make you work faster and harder at giving up your own boundaries because you “get off”, you get self-esteem, the more you abase yourself.

3. Make a social show of castigating other people for having boundaries. This shows predators that you can be conscripted by them to help them infiltrate other people’s space.

This is what “liberal feminism” is. It’s what “social justice” has become on the left.

This is not progressive, or justice oriented. It’s a perversion of those classic ideals.

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