Happy pumpkins

Trump will save us all from the treacherous war on the word…”Thanksgiving”?

Conservative media and some Republicans have for years claimed that Christmas is under attack, turning some people’s decision to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” during the month of December into a culture war touchstone to try to spark outrage on the right. Trump has embraced the “war on Christmas” narrative, and now he’s taking it a step further: he’s claiming liberals are out to get Thanksgiving, too.

At a rally in Florida on Tuesday, the president confoundingly reassured supporters that he wouldn’t let the “radical left” change Thanksgiving’s name. “As we gather for Thanksgiving, you know, some people want to change the name Thanksgiving. They don’t want to use the term Thanksgiving,” Trump said. He later continued: “People have different ideas why it shouldn’t be called Thanksgiving, but everybody in this room, I know, loves the name Thanksgiving. And we’re not changing.”

Personally, I think it should be named Pizzahut, but a much larger faction prefers Route 518.

I suppose what the confused belligerent fool is “thinking” of is the fact that the holiday celebrates the moderate success of a group of people who set up camp without invitation on the coast of what is now called Massachusetts, and that some of us are rude enough to point out that there were already people there and they weren’t consulted.

The president has leaned into culture wars often throughout his tenure, aware that it’s a way to rally his base and sow division. Declaring out of the blue that there’s a movement on the left to change the name of Thanksgiving is another example of that. But the episode also highlights the president’s dismissiveness of issues with some real cultural and social weight. While Thanksgiving’s name isn’t particularly controversial, its history is.

But that’s the problem, you see – it’s political correctness run mad. Why shouldn’t people bounce into other people’s neighborhoods without an invitation? Unless of course they’re from Mexico or points south – then it’s a whole different ball game.

Pass the guacamole.

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