In the end, it always works out

The White House transcribed today’s Remarks. Thank you, White House, because I sure didn’t want to listen to all that.

Trump says we’re “dealing with Saudi Arabia.”

So we’re dealing with many nations.  We’re dealing with some of the neighbors to Saudi Arabia.  And of course, we’re dealing with Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia is very much involved, from the standpoint of what we’re doing and what they’re doing.  And we’re working together with others.

We’re also working on the cost of this whole endeavor.  And Saudi Arabia has been very generous.  We want to see if it works out.  And if it works out, that’s great.  And if it doesn’t work out, that’s great.  In the end, it always works out.  That’s the way it is: It always works out.

Look at that. We get dealing, and doing, and working. Then we get it will work or it won’t work and it always does work. This is someone whose mind is almost entirely empty. A toddler can talk more interestingly and cogently than this. It’s shockingly basic. He’ll be grunting and pointing soon.

He grunts about Iran for awhile.

We want to see them do well.  But it looks to me like, with what’s happening, maybe they want to keep going at it.  And when they go at it with us, there’s no way they win — no way they win in any way or in any capacity.

In any way or in any capacity. This is cornered dude who hasn’t done any reading on the subject trying to fill the empty space with synonyms. It fools no one.

(On the other hand Robertson thinks we say “for I”:

PRIME MINISTER MORRISON:  It’s a tremendous honor for Australians for Jenny and I to be here with the President and Mrs. Trump.

And for we to have you.

Then they get to it.

Q    Do you want to address this whistleblower story?


Q    The whistleblower, whether it was (inaudible)?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  It’s a ridiculous story.  It’s a partisan whistleblower.  Shouldn’t even have information.  I’ve had conversations with many leaders.  They’re always appropriate.  I think Scott can tell you that.  Always appropriate.  At the highest level, always appropriate.  And anything I do, I fight for this country.  I fight so strongly for this country.  It’s just another political hack job.

Q    Mr. President, on that point, did you discuss Joe Biden, his son, or his family with the leader of Ukraine?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  It doesn’t matter what I discuss.

Well in a sense that’s true, but in other senses…it really isn’t, and we really do get to know if you do reckless or corrupt things. We’re not just the furniture around here.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  It doesn’t matter what I discuss.  But I will say this: Somebody ought to look into Joe Biden’s statement, because it was disgraceful, where he talked about billions of dollars that he’s not giving to a certain country unless a certain prosecutor is taken off the case.

So, somebody ought to look into that.  And you wouldn’t, because he’s a Democrat.  And the Fake News doesn’t look into things like that.  It’s a disgrace.

Joe Biden doesn’t hold office at this time. (I hope he never will, but that’s another subject.)

But I had a great conversation with numerous people.  I don’t even know exactly who you’re talking about, but I had a great conversation with numerous people — numerous leaders.  And I always look for the conversation that’s going to help the United States the most.  That’s very important.

Q    Mr. President, do you know the identity of the whistleblower?  Do you know the identity of the whistleblower?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  I don’t know the identity of the whistleblower.  I just hear it’s a partisan person, meaning it comes out from another party.  But I don’t have any idea. But I can say it was a totally appropriate conversation.  It was actually a beautiful conversation.

He doesn’t know which conversation they’re talking about, but it was a totally appropriate conversation and a beautiful conversation. Whichever one it was. Totally. And he doesn’t have any idea.

Q    Mr. President, on the whistleblower, have you read the complaint?  Have you read the complaint of the —

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  No, I haven’t.  It’s — it’s —

Q    Who in your White House has?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  I just tell you, it is — everybody has read it and they laugh at it.  And it’s another —

Q    But you haven’t read it?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  It’s another media disaster.  The media has lost so much credibility in this country.  Our media has become the laughingstock of the world.

But he hasn’t even read it. He hasn’t read it. Couldn’t he get someone to read it aloud to him? Very slowly? Over and over?

More to follow.

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