It was the hair extensions wot did it

From fatuous drivel like this good lord deliver us. The BBC yesterday:

Like many little girls, nine-year-old Autumn Norris loves dressing up and experimenting with make-up.

She has identified as a girl for the past two years, after telling her mother she felt she was in the “wrong body”.

Autumn had just had a bath when she first spoke about these feelings. She wanted two towels, one for the hair and one for the body, “like a woman”.

“She then came out of the bathroom with her two towels, saying: ‘I’ve got something to tell you Mum, I’m not Anthony, I’m not a boy, I’m a girl’,” says Fran Norris.

Fran Norris, bizarrely, was struck all of a heap. I guess she’d never heard of “pretending” and “fantasy” and “play”?

Ms Norris, from Shifnal in Shropshire, believes it had been on Autumn’s mind for a long time and she had engaged in “feminine role-play” to explore her identity.

She would often come to her and ask to wear her clothes, put on make-up, do her nails or wear hair extensions.

tears hair

I know we’ve all said this a bazillion times but honest to fuck! Trivial external arbitrary conventions of dress do not make people this sex or that. Putting on lipstick does not magically make a boy into a girl and wearing jeans does not magically transform a woman into a man. Clothes, makeup, nails, hair extensions are just bits of flotsam that people put on and take off. I could put sour cream and chives on my head, it wouldn’t make me a fucking baked potato.

There’s more of the same bullshit and similar bullshit, for paragraph after paragraph.

I think the BBC is being held hostage.

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