Justice reform

On the one hand Trump slumps in bored indifference as Nadia Murad tells him about the plight of the Yazidis, and on the other hand…

The next day –


TIME fills us in:

A$AP Rocky, whose original name is Rakim Mayers, will be held for one more week in pre-trial detention in a Swedish jail after he was involved in a fight that broke out in downtown Stockholm earlier this month, the Associated Press reported. The court is expected to make a ruling on Friday.

I bet Trump would just love it if NYC cops arrested a Swedish man – shall we say a Swedish Muslim man? – after he was involved in a fight outside Trump Tower, and the Swedish PM called him up to complain about it.

video clip published by a Swedish newspaper appears to show the rapper violently throwing a man to the ground. Another video posted on celebrity news site TMZ shows A$AP Rocky and others punching a man on the floor.

A defense attorney representing A$AP Rocky has said the incident was an act of self-defense, the Associated Press reported. The rapper also posted a video on his Instagram that appears to show two men trailing him and one of them hitting his security person with his headphones.

The rapper’s detention had raised concerns about poor conditions in the Swedish jail where he was staying, including unclean water, according to a report from TMZ.

Oh really? Really? Bad conditions in the jail? Unclean water? How shocking! Sounds almost as bad as conditions in the cages for asylum seekers on the US southern border.

Mind you, the chief of the Swedish detention center denies it.

The way the rapper has been treated is “standard, especially when you’re a foreign citizen and there’s a flight risk” and “you are suspected on reasonable grounds” said Dennis Martinsson, a senior law lecturer at Stockholm University, who has frequently spoken about the case for Swedish media.

“There have been a lot of misunderstandings about how the justice system works in Sweden,” Martinsson said. “I assume that people think we have a bail system and he was denied bail. We don’t have that system, so the only option is detention.”

But he’s a friend of Kanye West’s, who is a friend of Donald “Yazidi who?” Trump, so that changes everything. Doesn’t it?

Fortunately none of this has anything to do with celebrity and privilege and influence and string-pulling.


Ahhhhh “justice reform” – yes that’s what this is, definitely. Let brown asylum seekers in Texas die in custody, but definitely reform all the justice when it comes to people with celebrity friends.

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