Maybe she could also be Secretary General of the UN?

Nepotism? What nepotism? I don’t see any nepotism. Do you see any nepotism?

Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump is said to be under consideration to lead The World Bank. Not a joke.

The DC-based World Bank, founded after World War II to finance economic-development projects in emerging economies, has traditionally been led by an American. Kim’s sudden departure from the bank came as a surprise to employees and leaves the bank’s future uncertain.

The Trump administration, which has been wary of and even hostile toward Western-led international institutions like the World Bank, will now be tasked with submitting a recommendation to the bank’s board.

So naturally Trump’s airhead daughter is on the list! Why wouldn’t she be? She has experience marketing clothes made by underpaid workers in China! What more do you need in a president of the World Bank?

Unlike some of the other proposed candidates, Ivanka does not have a background in international trade economics, but she has been a businesswoman.

That is, she parlayed her father’s money and notoriety into a tacky “fashion” line. I’m not sure that counts as genuine business experience.

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