Meet Gender Snowperson

A tweet from Teacher2Teacher, an account where teachers apparently share ideas and advice and the like:

⛄️ Using this “gender snowperson,” Ss learn about identity and language! (📸 via educator
@LexingtonDEI) #EdEquity #ChampForKids #SchoolCulture


From the graphic style it appears to be aimed at very young children. Is it really teaching?

Do very young children really need to be taught about “gender expression”? I’m not sure I think anyone does, but the older the children the more able they are to question what they’re told by teachers. Do they need to be taught about “gender identity”? Are they taught what “identity” is first, and then how that can be made to fit with “gender”? I don’t think it can, myself, but very young children tend to believe what adults in authority tell them.

Should very young children be taught that they can be girl, boy, both, or neither?

Should very young children be taught any of this crap?

I don’t think so.

I guess the star represents the genitals? Or is it meant to be a yellow star? And is that a skirt or a random rectangle? Is it supposed to balance the sideways baseball cap? “Look, you can be both – cap and skirt! Heart and yellow star! It’s all so exciting!”

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