Not actually glad to help

Owen Jones a few days ago:

Massive kudos to @samsmith, who by coming out will help other non-binary people who have to confront the ignorance and bigotry of others.

The people who get angry at *pronouns* are exactly the same who call the left always offended/”triggered” snowflakes.

Janice Turner replied today:

Everyone is non-binary, Owen. I’m non-binary. Every feminist is non-binary, because we don’t adhere to sexist gender stereotypes. So are you going to congratulate us too?


No you’re not, glad to help!

Now just a god damn minute. If the rule is that people are what they say they are, where does he get off replying that way?

Furthermore, how does he think he knows that? What is it that he thinks he knows?

Also – does he know anything about feminism over the past half-century?

It’s almost as if they don’t even mean it about “non-binary,” they just mean “us and our friends, who are cooler than you.”

(Also, for full disclosure, his flippant sexist dismissal of a woman older and wiser and more thoughtful than he is makes me angry.)

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