Oh hai Harvey

Speaking of horrible dudes who should not be allowed out

A woman comedian was booed and two attendees kicked out after they protested the appearance of disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein at an event for young performers in lower Manhattan on Wednesday night.

Weinstein turned up with an entourage to watch Actor’s Hour, a monthly event “dedicated to artists” at the Downtime bar in the Lower East Side.

Weinstein was welcome, it was the people who objected to his presence who were not. Power and money always come out on top, it seems.

One comedian, Kelly Bachman, called him out in her act onstage, referring to him as “the elephant in the room” and “Freddy Krueger.”

“I didn’t know we had to bring our own Mace and rape whistles to Actor’s Hour,” said Bachman in a video posted to Instagram.

Some audience members, ostensibly men, then started booing. “Shut up,” said one person.

“Ostensibly” isn’t the right word there; it should be “apparently” or “reportedly” or the like. Anyway the point is, male solidarity and closing the ranks against women who don’t think women should be treated as public receptacles.

Bachman told BuzzFeed News that she’d previously had nightmares about Weinstein and that seeing him in the audience during her gig was her “nightmare come to life.”

“It kind of felt like old-school Harvey to me — having his own table in a Lower East Side bar, surrounded by actors,” said Bachman.

At one moment during her comedy set, which is about sex, she yelled “consent is important” and stared directly at Weinstein.

“I didn’t want to make everyone comfortable,” said Bachman. “I didn’t want to make light of this person and make everyone feel good about it.”

Really? But that’s the American way – endless redemption for men, endless hostility for women.

Later, a male comedian joked about Bachman bringing up Weinstein.

“I’d like to address the elephant in the room,” said Andrew B. Silas, a comedian visiting from Florida. “Who in this room produced Good Will Hunting? ‘Cause that shit was great.”

Aw yeah, that’s the important thing, he produced a good movie (though the screenwriter and director and actors and photographer probably also had something to do with the quality). Who cares about the women he gored along the way?

One woman confronted Weinstein and was told to leave.

Moments after Stuckless confronted Weinstein, so did Amber Rollo, a 31-year-old comedian who had attended the show to support her friend, Bachman.

“She’s right,” Rollo told Weinstein, she recalled. “You’re a fucking monster. What are you doing out here? Fuck you.”

Rollo said one of the men accompanying Weinstein called her a “cunt” in response, while another woman at Weinstein’s table guided her outside. Rollo said she was disappointed that Weinstein was welcomed at the event and that those who questioned his presence were booed or removed from the venue.

It is quite “disappointing.”