Paid professional dismissal of women

Amnesty International has an inspiring inspirational aspirational empowermenting inspiringational tweet for us:

Trans rights are women’s rights.
Queer rights are women’s rights.
Disability rights are women’s rights.
Abortion rights are women’s rights.
Migrant rights are women’s rights.

And women’s rights are human rights.
11:01 AM · Oct 22, 2019· Falcon Social Media Management

Sic. Yes really.


Note the very last item: Falcon Social Media Management. We’ll come back to that.

But first, what is this garbage? What is their point? To remind women that we alone of non-dominant groups don’t get to have our own struggles, our own rights, our own campaigns, our own petitions for redress of grievances? That we alone need constant reminding to Think Of Others instead of ourselves? That we alone are expected to budge up and move over and share? That we alone are constantly harangued about intersectionality and inclusion while other non-dominant groups aren’t? That we alone are constantly interrupted with “Yes yes yes but trans people queer people disabled people migrants so stop talking about yourselves you selfish bitches”?

Well fuck that noise.

And that obnoxious “stfu ladeez” doesn’t even come from Amnesty but from a paid social media marketing firm. That’s what Falcon Social Media Management is.

Talk about adding insult to injury…

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