PC from Humberside

And then the police phoned.

Ah yes the “you liked it” crime. I remember that one so well – creepy people monitoring my Likes on Twitter and Facebook and even writing long screeds about them. It seemed stark raving mad to me then, and it doesn’t seem any saner now – and as for the police doing it, and deciding on the basis of doing it that the Person of Suspect Likes is unsafe to employ trans people – it’s just fucking batshit crazy.

Don’t we all just long to have a cop phone us up to tell us that “sometimes a woman’s brain grows a man’s body in the womb and that is what transgender is”?

How can the cop possibly know he’s at risk of being fired for hate speech? Is the cop telling the company to fire him if he likes any more limericks on Twitter?

The world burns and this is what the UK police are busying themselves with.

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