Radical feminists are evil, rapists are cool

Twitter bans Meghan Murphy for saying true things about Jonathan Yaniv, but refuses to do anything about a rapist who uses Twitter as a tool for collecting victims. Interesting priorities.

The Twitter account for a rapist photographer has finally been removed after a judge had to order the company to take action.

Nigel Wilkinson was recently convicted for a second time after drugging and raping young men he had lured with free photoshoots.

After Twitter initially failed to remove his account, the judge in the case issued the order forcing the firm to take it down.

In 2016, he was jailed for 11 years and six months for a series of sex offences.

The court heard he preyed on the young men who came for photoshoots at his studio in Bristol, drugging them and raping or sexually assaulting them, as well as spying or filming them.

While in prison, he was charged and convicted of another set of offences when new victims came forward after reading about the 2016 case.

The trial had heard Wilkinson used social media – particularly Twitter – to search for his victims, inviting them for photoshoots before drugging and attacking them.

But despite his 2016 conviction, the judge in the December 2018 case found that Wilkinson’s Twitter account was still open.

He issued an order forcing Twitter to take it down, which has now taken place.

Although his Facebook and Instagram accounts had both been deleted, American social media company Twitter had thus far declined to remove the account, despite his criminal conviction.

Twitter declined to comment.

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