Return of the Thumb

Grame Wood at the Atlantic tries to figure out That Photo from El Paso – the one in which Trump is grinning and thumbs-upping.

First there are the smiles, so chipper in the aftermath of mass murder. For some reason, this Trump smile calls to mind the one in his famous tweeted portrait in which he’s eating a taco bowl (“I love Hispanics!”) served by Trump Tower Grill. Then there is the thumbs-up, also present to signal approval of the taco bowl, and in this case to signal approval of what, exactly? The narrow survival of the infant? The heroism of the hospital staff and first responders who cared for the wounded? Somehow neither of these possibilities seems quite right, and contemplation has brought me no closer to a better answer.

Wood is overthinking it. Trump is not complicated. He’s just doing an inappropriate bizarre insulting thing because he’s too stupid to do anything else. Camera – pose – do thumbs-up and grin like a good sport. It’s no more than that. He doesn’t connect things, so he doesn’t connect the hospital photo with the reason he’s at the hospital, he just sees a camera and some people arranged in front of it. It’s hard to overestimate how thick he is; he’s always thicker than we can believe.

In the immediate bereavement of an infant’s parents, nothing is needed but respectful silence. This is never truer than for a man like Trump, who cannot speak without giving offense and enjoying it. The photograph was released by Melania and could have been taken in the spirit of mourning that the occasion deserved, or it could have been taken not at all. It is one of the most twisted things I have seen in a long time.

Yes but he did the same thing in Parkland. I remember posting some of those photos, and they were exactly the same.

This one for instance:

Image result for trump parkland hospital

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