Send the check to God c/o me

Updating to add: story from 2018. She’s now been promoted to his adviser though, so the information is hotly relevant.

Ah the old “send me money and God will reward you tenfold” scam, this time from Trump’s “spiritual adviser.” Yeah right.

Paula White, who heads up the president’s evangelical advisory committee, suggested making a donation to her ministries to honor the religious principle of “first fruit,” which she said is the idea that all firsts belong to God, including the first harvest and, apparently, the first month of your salary.

“Right now I want you to click on that button, and I want you to honor God with his first fruits offering,” she said in a video shared to her website, in which she encourages her followers to donate to her ministries to get blessings from God.

In her newest video, the pastor encourages people to send her money, stating, “Each January, I put God first and honor him with the first of our substance by sowing a first fruits offering of one month’s pay. That is a big sacrifice, but it is a seed for the harvest I am believing for in the coming year. And God always provides!”

Those who send White money, which she suggests belongs to God, will see positive consequences, she claims.

But how do people know sending her money means it’s going to God? (And what does God want with money anyway? It’s not as if God’s short on the rent this month.)

“When you sow a First Fruits Offering of $75 or more, I will rush to you the book, the devotional and also a Paula White 2018 wall calendar! Track throughout the entire year prioritizing God with me!” her website says.

Oooh a book and a calendar for 75 bucks! Plus salvation!

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