That never happens

At long last, a period emoji!

I kid, but actually I think “Good.”


It’s happening. We’re definitely getting a period emoji.

Unicode has confirmed the period emoji has been given the go-ahead and will hit keyboards in spring 2019.

The blood drop emoji is the result of a campaign led by girls’ rights group Plan International UK backed by 55,000 people, which set out to smash the silence and stigma surrounding menstruation by bringing a period emoji to global smartphone keyboards.

Sure; why not?

But that’s not the funny part. This is the funny part.

Of course. A guy mansplaining to a woman that there is no stigma on menstruation because none of the girls he knows has ever told him about any shame feelings around menstruation, and it’s perfectly certain that if any of them had such shame feelings they would tell their good friend acquaintance Random Dude all about them, because that’s how shame works.

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