The catholic church is a pimp

The pope says oh yes it’s true that priests have been abusing nuns since always, we know all about it, we make sure to keep the nuns powerless so that they won’t kill us, would you like a biscuit?

Nuns have suffered and are still suffering sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests and bishops, and have even been held as sexual slaves, Pope Francis confirmed on Tuesday. The abuse was so severe in one case that an entire congregation of nuns was dissolved by former Pope Benedict.

The scope of the abuse of nuns by clergy members first came to light with the publication at the beginning of February of the monthly Vatican magazine “Women Church World.” The edition included Francis’ own take on the scandal — long known about by the Vatican but virtually never discussed — in which he blamed the unchecked power wielded by priests and higher clergy across the Catholic Church for such crimes.

Why yes, duh: the fact that the priesthood adamantly excludes women of course makes the priests feel both entitled and free to abuse nuns in any old way they feel like, so how about doing something about it, you galactic shit? Open the priesthood to women or get out of the church, either one, but don’t stay in it with the grotesque inequality intact and shrug your shoulders at the abuse. The two are inextricably entwined.

A journalist asked the pope if he was doing anything about it and he said blah blah blah process blah blah action needed blah.

“It’s a path that we’ve been on. Pope Benedict had the courage to dissolve a female congregation which was at a certain level, because this slavery of women had entered it — slavery, even to the point of sexual slavery — on the part of clerics or the founder,” the pope conceded.

No, you corrupt sack of shit, that’s not what you do; you dissolve the male congregations that are doing the abusing. “We’ve tried really hard, we’ve punished the powerless victims.”

Francis told reporters on his flight that the Catholic Church,” shouldn’t be scandalized by this,” adding that “there are steps in a process,” and “we are working on it.”

No, they’re not, they’re working on getting away with it. The only solution, making the church a non-patriarchal institution, is beyond them, because they think god is a boy just as they are boys, and that boys have to be on top, ad maiorem dei gloriam.

The Vatican’s new openness in discussing the abuse of nuns comes after years of revelations about clergy abusing children, mostly boys, in their congregations across the globe, and senior clergy members covering up those crimes.

They’ll talk about it, they just won’t do anything about it.

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