The wrong people are being arrested

The discussion of How Bad Would It Be if the Shutdown Went On For Months continues.

Economists have told NBC News that an extended government shutdown could be catastrophic for the economy — as well as for the almost 40 million Americans who would lose food stamps, two million people who could lose rental assistance and the 800,000 federal workers and estimated 1.2 million contractors who aren’t getting paychecks.

Also for national security, federal law enforcement and investigations, environmental protections, food safety, disease control, and assorted minor problems of that kind. Other than that it will all be just fine!

Hundreds of already frustrated and struggling federal workers demonstrated Wednesday in Washington, D.C., urging senators to stop sitting on the sidelines and get the government going again.

The workers held a silent protest in the Hart Senate Office Building for 33 minutes — one minute for every day they’ve gone without pay since the shutdown began. Many held paper plates with messages scrawled on them, like “hostage,” “federal workers are going hungry” and “please let us work.”

The protest then moved to the Russell Senate Office Building, where 12 demonstrators, including several union leaders, were arrested outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office.

Mitch McConnell is still getting paid.

The Kentucky Republican was also targeted by protesters in his home state. About three dozen workers demonstrated outside of his office in Lexington — and police were called on them when they tried unsuccessfully to present his office with letters describing the hardships the shutdown has forced them to endure.

The police were called when they tried to present letters to his office? Wtf? He’s not a private citizen, he’s the boss of the Senate, who is helping Trump to keep the government shut down – and his constituents don’t even have the right to deliver letters to his office? Why the hell not??

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