There’s a catch

Humanists UK warns against a stealth evangelical campaign disguised as Xmas presents for children in need:

Schools are being warned not to support the Operation Christmas Child appeal run by an evangelical US charity Samaritan’s Purse, which unbeknownst to many parents uses donors’ gifts to evangelise to vulnerable children, after it emerged that more schools are collecting donations for the scheme.

Operation Christmas Child sends shoeboxes full of toys, books, and other shiny presents to vulnerable children in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. But alongside the packages put together by schools, the charity also adds religious literature which aims to convert children to Christianity.

Can you say “strings attached”? Can you say “sneaky godbothering shits”?

Today it has emerged that several schools in Colchester have collected hundreds of shoebox donations worth thousands of pounds which will be used for the scheme. It has prompted a warning by Humanists UK for schools and other well-meaning individuals to be aware of the charity’s questionable activities.

In previous years, the head of the charity, Reverend William Franklin Graham III, has gone on the record as being racist and homophobic and has described homosexuality as an ‘abomination’. He also said Muslims ‘should be barred from immigrating to America’ and called on Christians to convert Muslims.

Just three days ago the very right-wing Washington Times reported on Franklin Graham’s abject submission to Donald Trump:

Evangelist Franklin Graham has not been shy about rallying the faithful to support President Trump and his administration. Mr. Graham repeatedly asked the public to pray for Mr. Trump before the 2016 election. The pastor again called for prayer earlier this month as the threat of impeachment loomed against the president, the dire situation amplified by some Democrats and plenty of negative news coverage.

Mr. Graham now has issued both a judgment call on the events and another plea for prayer. He remains straightforward about the House impeachment hearings that opened Wednesday on Capitol Hill.

“It’s a day of shame for America. The media is calling the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry ‘historic’ and it is — historically shameful. That our politicians would bring this kind of harm to our country over a phone call, with the world watching, is unbelievable,” Mr. Graham said in a public message shared through social media.

The pussy-grabbing immigrant-bashing child-torturing insult-mongering bully Trump is Franklin Graham’s ideal, so we know what to think of his preaching and proselytizing. May he wake up with a very bad toothache.

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