This is what will happen to female sport

Oh noes are we denying her right to exist?

No, actually, we’re denying a man’s “right” to compete against women who will thereby be unable to win anything ever.

The Guardian last April:

New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard went into the women’s +90kg finals at the Commonwealth Games as favourite, expected not only to win but also perhaps break records.

She finished the first half 7kg ahead of Samoa’s Feagaiga Stowers, but her efforts ended after she injured her elbow striving for a lift of 132kg.

But the eyes the Gold Coast’s Carrara Sport and Leisure Centre were also on Hubbard for another reason, after public challenges to her eligibility because she is a transgender woman who had competed in men’s weightlifting prior to transitioning.

Although no country lodged an official objection, many said they felt it was unfair for Hubbard to be going up against their athletes.

Because it is.

[Hubbard] said the support inside the arena spurred her on, even if her afternoon ended in disappointment.

“The Australian crowd was magnificent,” she said. “It felt like just a big embrace. They really made me try to lift my best. I gave it everything and I regret I wasn’t able to make the lift today.

“The Commonwealth Games here are a model for what sport can, and should, be. It’s an incredible environment and an amazing atmosphere. Without any doubt, they have lived up to the mantra of humanity, equality and decency.”

I’m not seeing the humanity, equality and decency in cheering on a person with a male body and a history of weightlifting as a male who is competing against women. What about Feagaiga Stowers? What about humanity, equality and decency for her?

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