This kind of flagrant disregard for our community

Here we go again.

Brian Leiter points out an item:

Wollongong Undergraduate Students’ Association… (UPDATED)

is a disgrace.  How can the Australasian Association of Philosophy permit such an event?  (And if the AAP isn’t hosting this event, why are they permitting the use of the AAP logo?)

What’s it done?

Scheduled an event for a conference on Monday with the thoughtful title “F**k off Holly Lawford-Smith”.

Under “Details” we get:

A well known TERF has been invited to speak at the Australasian Association of Philosophers conference at UoW. She has been overtly transphobic and is a huge supporter of the fake academic theories created by so called “gender critical” academics who use outdated terminology and ideas such as Blanchard’s theory on gender to discriminate against some of the most marginalised people in our society.

This is disgusting, this is unacceptable and this is coming from a university who supposedly supports queer students while allowing hate speech to be propogated on campus.

We at the Allsorts Queer Collective and the Wollongong Undergraduate Student Association find it outrageous that the university and AAP has allowed an explicit TERF to give a talk about exclusionary rights within women’s spaces.

She is not welcome to spew her disgusting discriminatory and exclusionary hate speech at our university. We must stand against this and send not only a message to Holly Lawford-Smith but to UoW that we will not stand for this kind of flagrant disregard for our community at our uni.

Four legs good, two legs bad. Washington’s army took over the airports. It’s all the same thing – mindless yelling, refusal to think, refusal to learn, pig-headed belligerence, brainless tribalism. It has no business in government and it has no business in universities.

Brian did a follow-up post.

I characterized the AAP response as “tepid,” but philosopher John Schwenkler (Florida State) wrote me with a more critical take, which he kindly gave permission to share:

It is not “tepid” — rather it’s effectively a slander of our colleague. The first paragraph begins by indicating that she wasn’t important enough to have been invited by the society, and ends by implying that her positions “conflict with [the AAP’s] commitment to support diversity in philosophy”. And then in the second paragraph there’s a clear suggestion that allowing someone like Holly to speak freely “conflict[s] with the aim of creating a space where everyone is able to participate”. Both of the latter claims are ludicrous.

I’m glad I don’t have to go to university with those “students.”

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