Time to getcher nonbinary on

Hey hey hey it’s International Nonbinary Day.

So that’s means it’s…most people day. So that’s exciting. Ok, as you were.

I’m Christian. Nonbinary femme. He/him/his and she/her/hers. Please don’t call me or refer to me as guy, man, bro, dude, sir, gentleman, Mr., etc. If there is a feminine version of a word (like “alumna”) use that for me. Happy #InternationalNonBinaryDay

WHAT IS NONBINARY FEMME??? What can that possibly mean??? If you call yourself “femme” how can you also call yourself “nonbinary”? What are even words?

Never mind, the important thing is, it’s all about him her alumna waitress princess nonbinaryette.

It’s only cis gays who owe herhimwaitress? Not cis straights? So I don’t owe him this sharing then, but never mind, I’m doing it out of sheer generosity.

He’s been working out the best way to correct everyone. That is some demanding labor, let me tell you; it can keep a princess up all night.

So true. All that profundity and correctingness is very hard to capture in a selfie.

H/t Josh


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