He’s tired of hearing it

More from the PhD candidate in Catholic ethics who is searching for a “carrier” to gestate a baby for him and his husband:


Stupid. A stupid argument, he says. Stupid and made by people who lack any understanding of the issue. (Would that apply to boodle, who already has the PhD and has produced two babies recently?)

What jumps out at me in that revolting tweet is his complete, self-satisfied, oblivious lack of empathy for women. I find it stunning that a guy who wants to find a woman who will gestate and give birth to a baby for him feels comfortable publicly dismissing women who point out that they are more than “carriers” – dismissing them and calling them stupid and uninformed for good measure.

I can easily believe it’s true that in certain contexts professionals do refer to “carriers” when it’s necessary to distinguish them from gestational parents aka birth mothers. In certain limited contexts that may be acceptable for convenience. But for the men in the equation? Who will never do this particular form of hard labor for anyone? For them to call the women “carriers” in public, on Twitter?

Not even close to acceptable.

Contempt and hatred for women is making a strong comeback these days, and callous shits like this guy are one of the reasons.

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