Trying to find a carrier

Man has deep thoughts on ethics – deep Catholic thoughts on ethics.

A carrier. A carrier. As if that’s all it is, like carrying a bag of groceries.

And yet all this constant thinking somehow doesn’t deliver up the thought that he shouldn’t refer to the prospective baby’s mother as a “carrier.”

But it’s not just carrying that gestating women do. It’s far from just that. First of all she contributes the egg. The baby is hers as well as the father’s. I know it must be painful for same-sex couples that they can’t conceive together, but that’s just how it is, and calling the mother “the carrier” doesn’t change that.

And it doesn’t end with the egg, obviously. That “carrying” includes nourishing the baby for nine months, sharing her entire body with the baby, living with the baby at all times. That’s a big deal.

Then there’s the giving birth part. I understand it’s not entirely painless.

Calling a woman who does that for someone else a “carrier” is dumbfoundingly insulting.

“Ethcis” my ass.

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