Tired of ignoring it

In intervals between jumping off cliffs, Parliament has passed legislation making “upskirting” a crime. I don’t really understand why it can’t just be part of existing laws against doing creepy shit to women, but whatever. A young woman named Gina Martin started a campaign to this end after some toad stuck a camera up her skirt.

Speaking after the bill was approved, Gina said: “Eighteen months ago I was upskirted at a music festival and I decided I wasn’t going to brush it off.

“I was tired of ‘ignoring it’. I felt this was wrong and I was astounded to learn that upskirting wasn’t a sexual offence. I wanted to change this for everyone, because the least we deserve is to be able to wear what we want without non-consensual photos being taken of us.”

Gina was waiting to watch The Killers perform at British Summer Time music festival in London’s Hyde Park when a man put his phone between her legs and took pictures of her crotch.

This is the bit that interests me. Why would a man do that? With porn available with a click or two, what need is there to collect photos of women’s crotches? Surely none. It has to be about hostility rather than sex. It’s degrading, it’s shaming, it’s intrusive and insulting and intensely hostile. It’s dominance.

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