Women soar free at last

First, this is the Daily Mail, so caution is advised – but, that said, if the facts are as stated…there’s an issue. The claim is that judges have been ordered to give harsh sentences to people convicted of “transgender and homophobic hate crimes” – that is, hate crimes against LGB and trans people. New sentencing guidelines say six months in prison should be the minimum.

But what are they defining as hate crimes? That’s the crucial question, and from what we’ve seen lately it includes dissenting from various wild truth-claims about Magic Gender Changing.

The instructions, which will come into effect on January 1, follow a series of cases in which police have been accused of launching heavy-handed investigations into transgender hate crime allegations.

This year Surrey Police quizzed a Catholic mother-of-five after she was accused of ‘misgendering’ the trans daughter of an activist on social media by using the pronoun ‘him’.

Last week Thames Valley Police launched an inquiry into possible public order hate crimes by demonstrators who put up stickers in Oxford with messages such as: ‘Woman: noun. Adult human female.’

So it appears to be at least theoretically possible that feminist women could be sentenced to six months in prison for putting up stickers that say women are adult human females.

Apparently the UK is edging toward making it a criminal act to say that women are women.

It seems there is no corresponding move toward harshly sentencing men who threaten to kill women they label “TERFs”?

Notice that feminist women don’t threaten to kill men who claim to be women, we simply say that men are not women, not even if they “identify as” women.

So women could be thrown in jail for saying women are women, while men remain at liberty to threaten to kill women for saying women are women.

The guidelines, which judges and magistrates must follow unless they can show doing so would run against justice, are the first to apply to public order offences – which include the offence of ‘stirring up hatred based on race, religion or sexual orientation’.

But not sex. Yes really: not sex. Gender identity yes, but sex no. Apparently there is no such thing as hatred or contempt or oppression or exploitation based on sex, i.e. of women by men.

The number of hate crimes reported to police has reached 100,000 a year for the first time.

Home Office figures showed a 10 per cent increase this year, with a surge in allegations of homophobic and transphobic abuse.

Police must record an incident as a hate crime if a victim believes they were targeted over their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or because they are transgender.

But not sex. Not sex. Not sex. The Rachel McKinnons and Jessica Yanivs are the truly oppressed, while women are the privileged powerful domineering cruel oppressors.

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