A concentrated pre-dawn burst

Peter Baker on Trump’s Twitter frenzy yesterday

… embracing fringe conspiracy theories claiming that the coronavirus death toll has been exaggerated and that street protests are actually an organised coup against him.

In a concentrated pre-dawn burst, the President posted or retweeted 89 messages between 5.49am and 8.04am on Sunday on top of 18 the night before. He resumed on Sunday night.

Cool that he has so much free time, as well as so much good sense, discipline, sense of proportion, conscience, dedication…

In the blast of social media messages, Trump also embraced a call to imprison New York Governor Andrew Cuomo; threatened to send federal forces against demonstrators outside the White House; attacked CNN and NPR; embraced a supporter charged with murder; mocked his challenger, former vice-president Joe Biden; and repeatedly assailed Portland’s Democratic mayor Ted Wheeler, even posting the mayor’s office telephone number so that supporters could call, demanding his resignation.

Couldn’t he just get sick right now? Not fatally sick, necessarily, just sick enough that it would make him shut the fuck up? I mean fatally sick would be ideal, but I don’t want to over-demand.

Trump likewise reposted messages asserting that the real death toll from the coronavirus was only about 9000 — nowhere near 183,000 — because the others who died also had other health issues and most were of an advanced age.

“So get this straight — based on the recommendation of doctors Fauci and Birx the US shut down the entire economy based on 9000 American deaths to the China coronavirus,” said the summary of an article by the hard-line conservative website Gateway Pundit that was retweeted by the President, denigrating his own health advisers, Dr Anthony Fauci and Dr Deborah Birx.

It’s what psychopaths do.

But Trump also retweeted a message calling for Cuomo to be locked up because of the high death toll from the coronavirus in New York nursing homes earlier in the pandemic. “#KillerCuomo should be in jail,” said the message by actor James Woods, a strong supporter of the President.

Of course he did. He doesn’t have the pedantic obsession with “consistency” that you inside the Beltway reporters and treasoners have.

And the President even “liked” a tweet that offered support for Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old Trump supporter who has been charged with homicide after two demonstrators were shot dead in Kenosha, Wisconsin. “Kyle Rittenhouse is a good example of why I decided to vote for Trump,” the tweet said.

Murderers forevaaaaaaaa!

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