Tremendous control not

Trump insists on continuing to tell us he’s got this whole thing under control. He has nothing under control.

America’s top infectious diseases expert is warning that hundreds of thousands of Americans could die unless every citizen joins an effort to blunt the coronavirus pandemic — only to be contradicted by President Donald Trump, who insists the virus is under “tremendous” control.

Fauci knows what he’s talking about, and Trump knows how to flap his lips.

Amid calls for a stronger federal response, Trump urged the nation’s governors late Monday morning to try to secure additional medical equipment on their own without waiting for the federal government to intervene, though he did say they would try to help.

“We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves,” Trump said on the call…

So they’ve got it totally under control, but try to get the necessary medical equipment yourselves. Not because they haven’t got it totally under control, you understand, but because…because…as a lesson in self-reliance, yes, that’s it. Stand on your own two feet like a good Amurrikan.

Trump flagrantly contradicted Fauci’s warnings at a White House briefing Sunday at which he celebrated the Federal Reserve’s decision to cut interest rates to 0% to help the shocked economy.

“It’s a very contagious virus, it’s incredible, but it’s something we have tremendous control of,” the President said.

Well. You know. If you asked him what he actually meant by “tremendous control,” he would babble helplessly. He doesn’t mean anything he says, he just cranks out words. Dangerous words.

In a possible indication of how Trump’s repeated misinformation is having an impact, a new poll by NBC and the Wall Street Journal Sunday showed that while seven in 10 Democrats are worried that they or someone in their family may catch the coronavirus, only 40% of Republicans, who are more likely to believe what they hear from the President and in conservative media, feel the same.

If they keep that up the Democrats will swiftly outnumber them, in the most literal sense. Maybe think again.

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