A copy of a book

Owen Jones is well known for being…what to call it…officious is perhaps the best word. For poking into stuff that’s not really his concern, for seeking out people to prod and scold and censure, for being tooth-grindingly self-righteous and smug. He is of course a devoted Trans Ally and policer of women who don’t think Gender Indenniny is the most important cause of all time.

His latest exercise in policing other people is a WHAT IS THAT ON HIS BOOKSHELF.


Never mind that, why does he have a copy of Atlas Shrugged? Why a book about cold cream? Why the Oxford Dictionary of Scottish History? So many mysteries, so little time.

But seriously. We have books for a lot of reasons. It’s not necessarily a matter of love, much less of endorsement. We can have some books for purposes of research or curiosity. Politicians probably have an unusually wide range of reasons for hanging on to particular books. But more than that it’s just so…peering, prying, snooping, sniffing, sneering. It’s so intrusive. I’m enjoying seeing people’s bookshelves as they do broadcasts from home; I wish Chris Cuomo had a bookshelf behind him in his basement instead of those two dull white armchairs. I look to see what books they have out of curiosity but I hope it wouldn’t occur to me to ask the world why Don Lemon or Jake Tapper or Rachel Maddow has THAT book.

Andy Lewis shared his. I have some of those too.

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