A warning to other women not to speak

Some examples:

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint says ‘trans women are women’ as cast continue to distance themselves from JK Rowling

As JK Rowling faces a continuing backlash, Grint, who played Ron Weasley in the hit film series, expressed his solidarity with the trans community in a statement released to The Times.

A continuing backlash which we are contributing to with all our might.

Warner Bros, the billion dollar studio behind Harry Potter, pledges ‘inclusivity and empathy’ in response to JK Rowling

Actor James Urbaniak tells JK Rowling cis men don’t have to pretend to be trans to assault women: ‘War’s over, get out of your trench’

Yes that’s nice – man tells woman “war [on women] is over, get out of your trench” – nothing bullying about that, no mansplaining there, no sign of a man telling a woman to shut up about her womany problems and listen to the men from now on.

Pose star Indya Moore says JK Rowling ‘doesn’t understand how much death and violence’ are behind her ‘stupid’ opinions on trans rights

That’s four out of the 40 in those five days, and there have been more since then.

The war is not over – this is the war, and it’s a war on women, and it’s unrelenting.

God I hate these people.

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