One of President Donald Trump’s personal valets, who works in the West Wing serving the president his meals among other duties, has tested positive for coronavirus, the closest the virus is known to have come to the president, said a White House official.

But Trump has since tested negative, Hogan Gidley hastens to assure us.

The White House did not say when the person developed symptoms or when the president was last exposed to the individual, who[m] Gidley described as a military official. It can sometimes take several days for the virus to appear on a test once a person has been infected.

“This guy is close” to the president throughout the day in terms of proximity, said a second source familiar with the matter. A White House official said the president was “not happy” when he was informed of the development.

In other words he had a screaming fit.

Staffers who come into close contact with the president have said they are tested regularly for coronavirus, but very few aides have been seen wearing masks around the West Wing, including when Trump traveled recently to Phoenix where he said he only wore a mask for a brief period of time. Everyone entering the White House grounds has their temperature checked.

But checking temperature is not testing for the virus. Rachel Maddow made this point a couple of days ago while discussing the recklessness and worker-endangerment of Trump’s order to re-open meatpacking plants.

I hope Trump’s valet has a mild case and recovers well.

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